28+ Shaved Hairstyle Designs

28+ Shaved Hairstyle Designs. You can make the design anything you want — talk about sassy and sweet! Don’t part with your unruly curls if you’re not ready just yet.

53+ Girl Hairstyle Design Image
53+ Girl Hairstyle Design Image from haircutfemale.blogspot.com

Take a note from miley cyrus and rock two high ponytails (with or without braids) to show off both your long hair and a sick shaved design. Yes, short hair can be sexy. Buzzing your facial whiskers like in this style is enough to make your bald diamond head look splendid.

Watch Me Paint This Cool Pattern On Bleached Shaved Hair | Cool Wavy Lines ???? | Paint Paint Paint |.

Retro pastel pixie cut with shaved side. Platinum under shaved pixie there are many different ways to rock undercut hair outside of the typical isolated shaved sections around the back or side. Pigtails and space buns are one of the most popular hairstyles of the moment.

The Other Is The Stunning Shaved Hair Design With White Dyed Lines To Accentuate It.

Shaved pixie hairstyles for women shaved undercut pink pixie instagram/lisajulieserra keep your pixie trendworthy and light with a shaved undercut. To make your pixie even more eye candy, dare to shave another line halfway between the top of your head and your ear. As you have noticed, pixie cuts are one of the biggest trends for shaved hairstyles for black women.

Here Are 15 Shaved Hairstyles You’re Sure To Love.

Shorn and reborn jacob lund/shutterstock Short curly hair with a shaved back. Culturally, this hairstyle is seen as a symbol of rebellion, opposition, and determination.

Half Shaved Head With Mermaid Waves

Those who want to take it a step further should opt for a mohawk style. Short hair and half shaved head the side shave is not just reserved for long hair and it looks amazing on short hair too. If the hair is cut really low, create a striped design with dye in a darker color.

You Can Rock The 80’S Look With This High Hairstyle.

Pick up a ruler, something with a straight edge, or a stencil to help you make the design even and (if it’s not a freestyle design) symmetrical. And with such a lovely beard you only need to give your head a clean shave to create a charming design. The mohawk is probably one of the most dramatic shaved hairstyles for women and is usually worn by bikers.