27+ Mens Hairstyles For Straight Blonde Hair

27+ Mens Hairstyles For Straight Blonde Hair. Grow your hair out into a medium length and wear your style sleek and straight. Alternatively, you could grow out the hair for about an inch more and brush it upward and backward, which will result in a gentler (but slightly looser) quiff.

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Wear it sleek and straight. It is an ideal men’s hairstyle for straight hair as the key to the comb over is being sleek and neat. In fact, there are so many cool haircuts for blonde guys, including short, medium and long, that it… k keif blond hair styles similar ideas popular now hair

Get A Beard And Mustache Along With A Haircut To Complete The Long.

Comb over the comb over has been around for many decades and still continues to be a very fashionable and trendy look. Wear it sleek and straight. # 2 slicked back with long side quiff source

You Only Need About 2 Inches Of Hair, As It’ll Stick Straight Up To Form The Quiff.

Short hair slick hairstyle @jackguinness The creative flat top combines with a fade cut to give you that cool gentleman look. It’s a nicely balanced look that only requires a bit of pomade to maintain.

Another Benefit Of The Cuts Explored Below Is That They Universally Apply To All Ages.

This ‘do is a popular men’s haircut that strikes a cool balance between modern and classic. Small quiffs are also a cinch to achieve with short hair. While some adventurous styles are better left to the youngsters, these savvy creations are the epitome of maturity.

Alternatively, You Could Grow Out The Hair For About An Inch More And Brush It Upward And Backward, Which Will Result In A Gentler (But Slightly Looser) Quiff.

2 / 14 slicked back Metallic silver grey skin fade hairstyle for men with straight hair. This marks a new zenith for courteously suave sex appeal among princely gentlemen.

Guys Who Love Shorter Hair, Yet They Need Some Volume Around The Scalp, Will Enjoy Styling Their Hair With Some Gel.

This look goes one step further by accentuating the fringe to make it the focal point of the style. To add drama, go for a sleek and short haircut at the sides and blow dry around the crown to add volume at the roots. Click here for jennifer aniston’s hairstyles over the years