23+ How To Do A Quiff Hairstyle Male

23+ How To Do A Quiff Hairstyle Male. Far from looking mismatched, the disconnected undercut is a surprisingly sophisticated take on the quiff. Lower the heat setting on the hair dryer.

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With your hair still damp, repeat the process on the other side of your head, this time pushing the hair in the opposite direction. Use a vented brush to sweep the hair on the top part of your head across to one side. It helps to get out the dripping wetness out of your hair.

With The Highest Temperature And The Lowest Speed, Blow Dry Your Hair And Comb Your Hair In The Direction Of Airflow.

Position the tool below your head and point it up at your hair. Don't spend any more money on clothing until you see this: A quiff hairstyle integrates a fade haircut on the sides and back while highlighting the styling spree on the top for a bold look.

Here’s Your Classic Style For A Quiff!

This will keep your haircut looking sleek and. With the length down, you can then style the quiff to your liking. Move onto the next step while your hair is still damp.

Far From Looking Mismatched, The Disconnected Undercut Is A Surprisingly Sophisticated Take On The Quiff.

Finish with a little bit of pomade rubbed through from root to tip if you want to add a healthy shine. How to style the modern quiff 1. * apply sea salt spray to damp hair.

Once That’s Done, Work A Small Amount Of Product In Your Hands.

(an optional step here would be to blow dry the hair for adding a. Finish with a little bit of pomade rubbed through from root to tip if you want to add a healthy shine. The goal here is to get some volume and height.

Invest Reasonable Time On The Front Of Your Hair And The Quiff And Squeeze The Front For Dramatic Texture.

Styling is the secret behind an outstanding textured quiff. Textured quiff nothing can go wrong with a little texture in your hairstyle! Grab a texturizing salt spray, hold it about 8 inches away from the head, and start spritzing.