22+ Hairstyles To Prevent Traction Alopecia

22+ Hairstyles To Prevent Traction Alopecia. Take a break from tight hairstyles traction alopecia is particularly common in african americans who wear their hair in hairstyles like braids and cornrows. Straightening may lead to traction alopecia as well.

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Have loose braids, dreadlocks and cornrows, especially along the hairline. That is easier said than done. If it's necessary to tie your hair, wear it in a loose hairstyle.

Sporting A Ponytail Or Bun Is Okay, But Wearing One Every Day, All Day Long Could Lead To Excessive Pulling And Tension On The Hair Follicles.

Although this takes a bit longer, it is an affordable option that almost anyone can do. Let your hair stay natural. The best way to prevent traction alopecia is to be careful with the hairstyles you choose to wear.

Cut Your Hair To A Healthy Length And Wear It Natural.

Here are a few other things you can do to prevent this condition: Though hair extensions look nice, they also cause a lot of unwanted stress on your head. Using a dense crease brush along with an eyeshadow that matches your hair color, you can fill in your bald spots.

Loose Braids, Cornrows, And Dreadlocks Place Weaves And Braid Natural Hair, Instead Of Chemically Processed Hair.

Tie your ponytail, braid, or bun loose. Ponytails and pigtails, for example, are extremely common hairstyles in the west as well as in asia but these hairstyles seldom lead to traction alopecia. Here are some ways to prevent traction alopecia.

It Is Vital To Keep Hair Healthy By.

Give it a break between each usage. Traction alopecia is a type of hair loss caused by constant pulling or pressure on the hair follicle and can develop as a result of wearing certain types of wigs and other protective styles, making. #alopecia #tractionalopecia #naturalhairtips #4chairtips #balding #protectivestyles #type4hair #coilyhair #noedges # #grownaturalhair #grow4chair #baldingtips #naturalhair #kinkyhair #greenscreen #4chair.

Avoid Sleeping With Hair Rollers.

Keeping your hair down is the best way to prevent traction alopecia. Keep changing your hairstyles weekly. By admin | august 1, 2020.