22+ Hairstyles For Transitioning To Natural Hair

22+ Hairstyles For Transitioning To Natural Hair. At the same time, box braids seem to be the best hairstyle for black women growing out gray hair. This is why protective styles are a great option when growing out the relaxer.

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In this youtube tutorial, she shows us how to create bangs and a bun with a short cut. The next steps depend on what you want to. Slick up your newly grown natural hair with a holding styling gel such as the tresemmé extra hold hair gel to blend your natural roots with your relaxed hair ends when putting your hair in a top knot.

These 40 Transition Hairstyles Are Designed To Work Well For Those Who Are Making The Change From Straightened Locks To A More Natural Look.

Bangs and a bun 6 / 10 image source: Long pigtails 7 / 10 Rinse hair thoroughly again removing the sections as you go.

What’s More, Ashy Or White Braiding Hair Will Allow Enjoying Your New Look Before The End Of The Transition Already.

Go for protective styles while transitioning, it is better to avoid combing your hair too often and too hard. Transitioning to natural hair hairstyles 1.2m views discover short videos related to transitioning to natural hair hairstyles on tiktok. The next steps depend on what you want to.

Bantu Knots Are Styled By Separating Hair Into Sections, Then Twisting Those Individual Sections Into Tiny Knots.

Then, for a sleeker look, and to prevent breakage at the line of demarcation, consider adding a hairpiece or weave ponytail to complete the top knot. Your favorite and ultimate look will vary based on your hair color, length, age group, and the style that it is in. This is why protective styles are a great option when growing out the relaxer.

Sometimes, Heat Styling Is Necessary To Achieve The Desired Look.

I recommend it during the early stages of the transition because the hair is silkier, so i’m not too sure how long it would last on more natural hair vs relaxed hair. Extensions let you get the long hair of your dreams. While protective styles can help give your hair a break, hairstylist gabrielle corney suggests wearing these styles in moderation, as more breakage could be caused between natural and relaxed parts.

Now It Is Cleaned And Conditioned.

Throw it up in a top knot! If you aren’t taking the big chop route, you’ll still need to get your hair regularly trimmed. Transitioning hairdos and hairstyle options can vary and there is a lot of ideas that one should consider.