22+ Easy Hairstyles For Date

22+ Easy Hairstyles For Date. Voila, you’re done and looking fabulous! Prep your hair for styling, detangle and comb it.

7 Quick and Easy Hairstyles for Date Night
7 Quick and Easy Hairstyles for Date Night from tipsandbeauty.com

Let the rest of your hair open and flowing. Then, make each side into a bun just above the nape of your neck. Brush your hair down with a styling gel and secure the bottom of your hair with a ponytail extension of your choice.

Let The Rest Of Your Hair Open And Flowing.

First, gather in a pony and let your curls fly free. you can brush some gel through to tame down flyaways. The most beguiling, bewitching hairstyles also happen to be perfect for a first date, third date. Follow colombini's tips to achieve:

Ponytail You Can Never Go Wrong With A Ponytail.

Be sure to use some mousse, like suave extra hold shaping mousse to help you achieve full, bouncy curls. Chignon is a graceful yet easy hairstyle to pull off in just a few minutes. Pull the braids from either side and keep securing them using bobby pins.

Then, Make Each Side Into A Bun Just Above The Nape Of Your Neck.

Grab a section of hair from your hairline at your forehead and pull it back much like you would pull your hair back to create a ponytail, only use less hair. Braid the bangs on either side and tie them up with rubber bands. Prep your hair for styling, detangle and comb it.

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Divide your front bangs into two sections. These twisted buns will give you a romantic yet glamorous vibe on your next date. A simple topknot is great for dressier date nights (or if your hair isn’t behaving that day).

Suave Extra Hold Shaping Mousse.

Put an elastic around the ponytail. So if you need a little inspiration on your date night out, we have the style for you. Go afro go bold, go big with this afrocentric extension.